Meet the Team!

Andy Filming in Congo

Andy Maser is a National Geographic Young Explorer, filmmaker, and conservation advocate.  You may have recently seen him tromping around the jungle of Congo on an elephant conservation expedition, kayaking the Green Truss section of the White Salmon River, or locked in his video editing cave in Portland, OR.  Visit his website and check him out on Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo! (email Andy)

Steve Installing the Timelapse Camera Mount

Steve Stampfli is the Watershed Coordinator for the Hood River Watershed Group in north central Oregon.  He recently worked with PacifiCorp to document the removal of Powerdale Dam on the Hood River, which blocked fish passage for more than 80 years.  Steve lives in Husum, WA, a stones throw from the White Salmon. (email Steve)


One thought on “Meet the Team!

  1. very cool. so exciting to see the product of so much planning coming to a head. i was involved in removing and/or replacing large culverts that were barriers to fish passage in my career with the forest service which is similar to removing dams like condit in a small way.

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