Condit Dam Removal Update #2

Drilling and blasting on the 90 foot long drain tunnel began on the morning of Thursday, September 1, 2011.  This shot taken from time-lapse Station 1 (below dam on the west shore) shows Kiewit’s small excavator and dozer that will be used to remove tunnel debris after each blast.  Behind the platform (visible on the right side of the dam’s base) workers are using air-powered rock drills to bore the array of holes for loading explosives and blasting. 

Meanwhile, a marine construction  subcontracor was busy at the east shore boat ramp, building a large barge with mounted crane.  The barge will be towed across the reservoir to the face of the dam using the pictured tug, to begin removing sediment and logs from the upstream face of the dam (i.e., bottom of reservoir that will be intersected by the 90 foot drain tunnel, via a final blast scheduled for late October 2011).


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