Inside Look: Condit Dam Deconstruction

This past week, Steve and I were invited behind the scenes to see how things are progressing at the Condit Dam site.  Blasting earlier that day meant that we couldn’t go down into the riverbed, but we still were able to see some interesting stuff.

Dredging just upstream of the dam has recently begun to minimize the risk of the hole getting immediately clogged with muck when the dam is breached.




The hole in the dam is gradually getting deeper.  There will be 3 or 4 more blasts before breach day, when the final 15 feet will be blown out and the White Salmon set free.



From everything we saw and heard, things are progressing on schedule for an October 26th breach of the dam at about 12 noon.  It sounds like PacifiCorp will be taking select groups down to the site following the blast to watch the lake drain, and the conservation groups are planning a celebration event at Wet Planet in Husum.  Stay tuned for updates both on deconstruction and timelapse progress, and more info for where to celebrate and how to watch the breach online.  In the meantime, enjoy these shots from our evening at the dam.


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