Condit Dam Removal Video

What a powerful few days it’s been.  I’m exhausted, elated and very excited to see what’s in store for the White Salmon in the coming months.  While I finally catch up on some sleep, enjoy this video clip that I put together for National Geographic that includes video and timelapse imagery.


(10/30 update: see the more recent post for the video clip.  The National Geographic embed code doesn’t cooperate well with WordPress)

We have more than a terabyte of images from Wednesday, so stay tuned!


11 thoughts on “Condit Dam Removal Video

  1. Has anyone wondered what might be or now it’s would have been at the bottom of this lake? I know the reseviour I live next to now has some interesting things you find during drought years and the water is low.

    1. Scoot, I did see some intact decking and stairs during the live feed. Probably built 100+ years ago before the dam went up. Let the archeology begin.

  2. A very spectacular time lapse indeed! Well done. I am especially pleased to see your footage being displayed on some high traffic sites like CNN, MSNBC and Nat Geo. This only seres to broaden the viewpoint and importance of river restoration. I am looking forward to seeing more of your images of this historic event.

  3. Hey Andy,

    It’s Friday night and the Nat Geo vid is coming up as “not available.” Bummer! I’d really like to see it, as I was unable to watch the event live….


  4. Interesting angle, showing the lake draining away, the water-saturated sediment collapsing, and the discharge from below the dam. Great job 🙂

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