New Video: More on Dam Removal and New Breach Timelapse Shots

I recently finished another video clip for National Geographic that features interviews with US Fish & Wildlife’s Rod Engle and PacifiCorp’s Todd Olson.  They explain why Condit Dam is being removed and what was done to protect threatened species during the dam removal project.  I also included 3 previously unreleased timelapse shots from breach day.  Enjoy!

Video was originally posted here: National Geographic News

Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “New Video: More on Dam Removal and New Breach Timelapse Shots

  1. Hi Andy
    First thank you for creating this site it is a great work you are doing here. Andy my father fished the Big White, I grew up fishing there and raised my sons fishing there also and hope to enjoy my three grandsons there one day. I know taking out the dam is right and good but at the same time thousands of us who have generations of memories fishing down by the bridges have had our hearts ripped out. What was once one of our favorite places on earth is now a mud chocked waisteland. No one really mentioned this potential loss and no one I know ever dreamed what this wonderful fishery would be destroyed in the way it was. You seem to be in the loop could you please share with me and thousands of others, will there ever be a pool for upriver fish to rest and us to fish for them again?
    Thank you again for your fine work on this site.
    Happy Holidays
    Anthony Milewski

  2. Such awesome footage Andy! So proud of your work. They have removed 2 and are working on the 3rd dam on the Patapsco. Maybe not so spectacular but I like where the collective thought is going on this subject. I love the timelapse and can’t wait to see the area rejuvenated. I want to see it myself someday soon.

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