Condit Dam Coming Down Today

We’ve been up since 5a.m. setting up the cameras. Working quickly because we only have a short time to make sure the system is ready to go… and because we’re so excited. Today’s the day. At noon Pacific, 3p.m. Eastern, crews will blast a tunnel into the base of Condit Dam, effectively freeing the White Salmon for the first time in a century.

We’ll be posting photos and video as soon as possible, so stay tuned… but you can catch the live stream of the Condit blast on the American Rivers website. Get excited. It’s a landmark day and it’s time to celebrate!


10 thoughts on “Condit Dam Coming Down Today

  1. Its amazing that they can blast a huge hole into the dam and send concrete with all that phosphorous and sediment from the river into waters of the state!!! Not to mention losing a generating power plant just so some fish can swim up river after a 100 yrs on not being able to… I imagine the dam is getting old and probably needs to be demolished anyway. To bad it just can’t be upgraded… Wonder if Department of Ecology will be their with their ticket book? !

    1. Vern, educate yourself on why they remove dams and the benefits. You’re obviously fairly ignorant on the subject. Cheers.

    2. Vern, I dont think your comment is ignorant at all. 100 years of built up sediment from agriculture lands. I would also question where they get their 33 miles of fish habitat. Besides Husum falls, there are a couple of large waterfalls between Husum and Troutlake.
      Furthermore, wheres the outcry for all the Beavers, Herons, Turtles, Osprey and other lake habitants that have adjusted or moved in during the last 100 years (People included)?
      I think the ignorance lies in the people who are happy just because a dam got removed.
      I also find it funny that people are excited that they may be able to have more river to recreate in. In my opinion, they wanted a protected scenic river, well, they should get it and end all commercial recreation businesses that use the White Salmon River.

    3. Dam removal is a touchy subject because of all the pluses and minuses involved. There is much to be questioned, folks, but there is also much that must be understood. Questioning is a good thing, but useless unless you do your research to find answers. “Questioning” just for the sake of trying to appear smarter than all of the environmental experts, biologists, etc. who actually were actually involved in this project…well… it’s kinda obvious that that’s what you’re both doing.

      In the very short term, it make sense to be concerned about the sediment that was sitting behind the dam. They did remove as many of the salmon as they could to save them from the sediment. (Did they keep them in bathtubs?? IDK) The sediment itself will kill a lot of life in the river, life that was food for bigger critters, but the populations of both will return more quickly than you think. In longer terms, the dam had an expiration date anyway, because upkeep costs money, the sediment never stops building up and can’t be removed and yadda yadda. So better it comes down on purpose than fail later on. Really, now that I think about it, all the dams in existence are going to come down one way or another eventually.

      Also thinking in longer terms, we humans have to learn to keep our water clean by minimizing or eliminating fertilizers, pestisides, sediment, pet waste, erosion, litter, illicit discharge of sewage, combined sewer overflows, industrial waste and who-on-earth-even-knows-what-else. 😦

  2. I’ve been watching the live stream for the past hour. The initial blast was pretty flippin’ sweet to watch, but the aftermath is awesome, too. It looks mostly drained just 1 hour later. The amount of mud and sediment is mind-boggling.

  3. what a great project. will there be web cams or timelapse of the river above condit as it cuts down through the sediment? It would be great to be able to watch the river reemerge

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